K3 Data Integrations

Powerful Pre-built Integrations for a Wide Variety of Destinations

Move Data Downstream Easier

Get data going fast and effortlessly with an intuitive, ready-to-go solution – K3 Enterprise. Crafted to handle archetypal data forms and unconforming data sources with ease by seamlessly prepping data from a wide variety of sources into a conformed format and pipped directly to the world’s leading data repositories.

Real-Time, Low Code ETL for Amazon Redshift

Move data seamlessly to Amazon Redshift with intuitive visual data mapping at scale without the hindrance of on-premise infrastructure or pricey database. K3 Enterprise’s prebuilt APIs directly connect with Redshift for rapid data collection and deposit so you can query petabytes of structured and semi-structured data across your data warehouse, operational databases and data lake.

K3 is low-code by nature enabling business users like analysts and executives alike to easily aggregate data from popular sources databases like: Oracle, PostgresSQL, legacy systems, Salesforce and more. Have large files you would like to include? No problem. K3 is your comprehensive solution for every data move.

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Real-Time, Low Code ETL for Snowflake

We know you like options, so we built a direct API for Snowflake so you can use K3 to stream data into its global data network with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance.

Business users and technical experts alike use K3’s intuitive UI for data mapping and data stream validation, while seamlessly streaming a variety of structured and semistructured data from databases, files and APIs directly to Snowflake. Accelerate data prep for faster visualizations and business intelligence outcomes with K3 + Snowflake’s streamlined experience.

Instantly Flow & Feed Data with Over 100+ Pre-Built API Adapters

K3 Enterprise has over 100 pre-built API adapters which can be activated 
instantly to pipe data from enterprise sources like Oracle, PostGresQL, Salesforce, 
Microsoft Dynamics, other APIs, files or databases.

Need a custom adaptor developed? We’re here for you, just reach out.

Hybrid Integration? No Problem

K3 Aligns Data from Any Upstream Data Source


Integration for today’s applications means connecting legacy applications on-premise, newer ones in the cloud, and some in private clouds. Your data spans all three.  K3 integrates with legacy and new applications alike, regardless of where they reside.

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